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The Ascent to Santiago: A Contemplative Journal
for Those Walking the Way of St. James


Walking the Camino is much more than a physical challenge. It is an internal journey which has the potential to grow and expand your heart and soul. The Ascent to Santiago will help you be as intentional about the inward journey, as you have been in preparing physically to walk to Santiago. 

There are three components to this journal. Contemplative Prompts which will assist you in being attentive to how the Camino is impacting your heart. Journal Pages where you can explore and express what you are experiencing, thinking, and feeling. And Scriptures for Meditation, which because of their themes, are excellent companions to the daily contemplative prompts. 

The Ascent to Santiago will help open you to the reality of your own heart, and be aware of how the rhythm of the Camino is forming your soul. If you are going to Spain with questions, it will enable you to create the space necessary to discern the answers. It will assist in bringing clarity and understanding, as well as a sense of peace and well-being. It is like having a companion for the journey who gently asks the kinds of questions which enable you to grow in your understanding of who you are and your place in the world. 

The journal keeps pace with John Brierley's guide book, "A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino de Santiago," but it is not meant to be rigid. If you desire to keep tempo with the guidebook, this will follow right along, but if you want to set your own timeline,the journal allows you that flexibility. Please note, the print version has journal pages, it is the only journal you will need to carry. The kindle version has journal prompts, you will need a separate journal in which to record your thoughts. 

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