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A retreat is focused time away where you escape the pressures and distractions of everyday life in order to rest, take time to process what is going on in your heart and make space to listen for the voice of God. It is a healthy rhythm to build into one’s spiritual life, and we can help.
Personalized Retreats


Rooted Soul Ministries creates retreats for individuals based upon their own spiritual needs and desires.  Our retreats are personalized and designed to reflect three realities: the current state of the heart, relationship with God, and desired areas of focus.  This creates the space for a very personal encounter with God.


We incorporate disciplines such as rest, prayer, and reflection on scripture in each of our retreats, as well as offering creative prayer exercises which provide an opportunity to see and experience God and your own heart in new ways.  


Preparation and follow-up are incorporated into each customized retreat. We will provide assistance in choosing the the right location, and will schedule a direction session to process the experience.


Contact us for more information or to schedule an initial meeting,

Group Retreats


As the Spirit leads, Group retreats are a powerful place for couples, boards, ministry teams  and denominational leaders to grow and discern God voice in community. The group dynamic can accelerate the experience of wisdom, clarity and direction. These retreats are designed to balance intimate alone time with God and spiritual connection with others..


The retreats we provide are tailored to a group's current dynamic, issues it may wish discern and ways to pursue desired growth.  The connection with God and one another they experience on retreat allows group members to return to ministry refreshed, renewed, in unity and with greater clarity.


We also offer topical retreats focused on a particular spiritual discipline or emphasis in our relationship with God. These group retreats can be created for a particular group or may be offered as an option for individuals to experience spiritual community.

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